Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Green

When I was a little child, I ran through the forest around the block, went sleigh riding down the hill in front of the high school, jumped in piles of leaves, and played basketball outside until the sun went down in the summer. Going green then wasn't a trend or a fad. It was just how I lived. Do children live outdoors, love outdoors like this anymore? Anywhere? When did it become okay to sit in front of the computer? I can only sit here for 10 minutes before I am ready to go for a run, yet some children and adults sit for hours in front of tv. I do not judge, I am just trying to understand. When did it become okay to not run outside and play? When did we create a society that prohibits kids from running outside because of poor air quality or drive-by shootings? When did this become what is to be expected? Can we go green or do we have to be raised that way? Is it too late? This is the start of my journey to learn some of the answers to these questions.