Monday, October 6, 2014

Here We Go!

Well, actually, we are already here! Our Southern California desert scape is now filled with the October color of Autumn in Chattanooga, TN! Watching Joshua explore has resulted in his following comments: "Green, red, purple, and bugs Mama! Everywhere! Cool!" After living in mainly various shades of brown in the desert climate, the colors around us currently seem that much more vibrant. Prior to Joshua's arrival, and after that time, my husband and I searched for colorful leaves each Fall in Southern California. We thought it quite comical then, and now, as we simply look out our window to see the symphony of color around us, we laugh even more. The seasons of life have brought us to the end of our leaf search. They were right here all along. Since Joshua is going on three years young, he will most likely only remember the desert climate and the trips to the Pacific coast splendor from the thousands of photos I took of his first two years of life while we lived there. From here on in, his life will flow with the four seasons, the change of each, the rhythmic passing of time observed in how Mother Nature changes around us each year. My husband and I feel at home with the natural pace of life settled comfortably in the season. Watching Joshua experience this change for the first time will only add to our sense of home.