Saturday, June 15, 2013

Watering the Plants

Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

For the first time today my son watered the plants. He held his little watering can in his tiny hand, leaned it forward and smiled with pride as the water flowed out into the first plant. He loved this experience so very much that he watered every plant, every rock, and most of the sidewalk! It is amazing to me to see how all of his first experiences with nature are greeted with such joy and excitement. He loves to touch every rock and smell every plant. He simply wants to explore with all of his senses. He is playing and learning every moment of every day. I reflected back to the days, only a few months ago, when we sat, rocking in our chair, looking out the window at those plants. Those plants that he is now taking care of and helping to nurture and grow. Compassion, care, and a sense of adventure are the values Joshua learned today with the simple task of watering plants. Pride and growth are internalized in him with each new skill. The world is so much more beautiful when seen through his eyes.