Sunday, August 28, 2011

Natural Baby Basics

This has been and continues to be a massive search. This hunt for natural, organic, green baby gear is seemingly endless. There are some companies that offer natural and organic products for babies, yet many of these are expensive. Deciding to go organic in the following three areas will ensure you are not spending too much on purchasing organic products for all of your baby's needs.

When it comes to you newborn baby, keep in mind that she does not do much more than eat, sleep and poop. Therefore, there is no need to surround your baby or your home with a lot of "stuff." This is the first step to raising your baby more naturally. Keep it simple, minimize your purchases, and focus on quality time with your baby as the most naturally beneficial way to raise your baby.

For organic baby feeding, the most natural way to go is of course breastfeeding. Not only is this the healthiest food for your newborn, this is also free! For some mothers breastfeeding may not be an option, which means finding a healthy formula. In looking for a natural formula for your baby, keep an eye out for ingredients to avoid such as soy, fructose, maltodextrin, and other chemical names such as BHT. The healthier options will contain milk protein and organic brown rice syrup rather than soy and corn syrup. Be sure to avoid plastic bottles made with BPA as well.

To take care of the sleep needs for your baby, an organic mattress is best to ensure that she is not exposed to lead, chlorine or other harmful chemicals often found in the plastic covering and interior stuffing of a non-organic mattress. A GOTS certified mattress makes it easier to know that you are purchasing a healthy option for your child. In addition, organic cotton sheets made with non-toxic dyes will help to keep your baby breathing in clean air in the place she will spend most of her time. Since this is the one place that your baby will be exposed to the most, put your money saved from buying countless unnecessary toys toward a good organic crib mattress.

In looking for a natural organic wood crib and rocking chair, also helpful for sleeping and feeding needs, most are incredibly pricey. Thus, the best option is to at least find a crib that is made from wood without added sprays or chemicals.

The last category is one of the most important because your baby will be going through countless diapers. The first, and most economical option for going green in this area is to use cloth diapers. There are people who have run the numbers and feel that the use of water to wash all the diapers ends up in just as much cost to the environment as tossing diapers into landfills. Whether you choose to go cloth or traditional disposable diapers, the aim here is to be sure that the material does not have any chemicals or chlorine in it. Your baby's skin is snug up against her diapers all day long, so opting for diapers with no bleach or other toxic chemicals will result in a much healthier experience for your little one. Keep this in mind for your baby wipes as well to be sure to avoid chemicals in those.

Going green for your baby can mean focusing on purchasing only those organic and healthy products in the areas of eating, sleeping and pooping. Baby gear, such as a car seat, stroller, activity gym and swing/bouncer are the next items for research. Until that article, begin to stock up on the basics and remember that the most naturally healthy baby need is her parents' arms.